Wimbledon Fashion 2011: What to Wear to Wimbledon?

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As Wimbledon kicks off, you might find yourself lucky enough to be part of the spectating crowd watching the likes of the Williams sisters or Nadal.  However like any event you attend it is important that you look your best for the occasion. However, Wimbledon has had a long history of unpredictable weather so often a lot of us are confused with what to wear, especially if it is forcasted to rain, so it is important to be well equipped but still looking stylish.

The key to picking the right Wimbeldon outfit is to make sure to layer. As layering is a key look this season you can certainly look stylish as well as comfortable at the same time. Take a look at my essential to tips to ensure that you have the right attire for the event.

1. Mac or Parka

Whatever you do don’t forget your coat. The important thing however to remember is that don’t wear your big woolly winter coat as it will be too hot for you. Instead, think about something a bit lightweight. If you’re looking to go a little sophisticated then why not opt for a mac. Kate Middleton loves her mac as it is ladylike but still comfortable at the same time.

Reiss Mac $185

However if you’re looking for something a little bit more comfortable and practical then why not go for a hooded parka. It is a lightweight winter coat and you won’t even need to carry a brolly with you as the hood will cover your mane from getting wet…

APC Parka 265

2. Ballet Pumps or Wedges

As you might be walking quite a fair bit it is important to leave the heels at home and opt for some flats. These will not only offer you comfort but will still allow you to look extremely stylish whatever the weather.

Bruno Premi Ballet Flats $98

However, if you’re height isn’t on your side and hate wearing flats then why not take a leaf out of Pippa Middleton’s book and bag yourself some wedges from L K Bennett. If you’re used to walking in heels then these will be a doddle for you to walk in.

Jane Sport Wedges

3. Dress or Jeans

If you want to ensure that you get a bit of a tan on those pasty legs then try go for the dress option. There are some really pretty dresses around which could be perfect for your Wimbledon outing, however as Ralph Lauren are official sponsors of the event then why not got for this sexy collared dress?

Ralph  Lauren Dress

If dresses aren’t you’re thing then stick on a pair of skinnies and pretty t-shirt, incase the weather takes a turn for the best, in which case you can whip off your coat and enjoy the sun.

4. Sunglasses and Brolly

Like we said, the weather can always be unpredictable so it is important to come prepared, rain or sunshine. The key essential accessories that should be in your bag are your brolly (for all you not hooded jacket wearers) and a pair of sunglasses and you never know when the sun might come out.

5. Cross Body Bag

It is essential to keep you hands free so you can enjoy the action without having to worry about carrying your bag. Our advice is to go for a cross body bag, which allows you enough room to fit all your essential items in and keep them safe.

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