Is Adele about to appear on the front-cover of Vogue magazine

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2011 has been a rollercoaster year for British singer Adele. She has reached the number 1 spot in 24 different countries as well as having received 6 Grammy nominations, but she’s also suffered hugely with a benign polyp on her vocal chords, which has threatened her hugely successful singing career.

Thankfully, the singer underwent successful throat surgery, which means she’s well on her way to recovery, with 2012 looking like it’s going to be a year full of highs, starting with her rumoured appearance on the front cover of prestigious fashion magazine, Vogue.

According to Adele is set to appear on the front-cover of the March 2012 issue and has already had designer clothes customised for her fuller figure. Adele would be a welcome addition to the flurry of skinny celebrities that have already appeared on the cover. The singer is proud of her curvy figure, a U.K. size 16, or U.S. 14, and it would do wonder for the millions of female readers of the magazine who are concious about body size and image.

The singer was profiled in the magazine back in 2009 as a future ‘one-to-watch,’ and what a transition to make, from a humble british singer, to cover star of one of the world’s biggest fashion magazines. We certainly hope this rumour comes true!

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