Katy Perry’s Royal Gift to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

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How did you get into the spirit of the Royal Wedding?

Attend a street party?  Watch the wedding surrounded by British flags and a tea party?  Or did you choose a fashionable way of getting involved like Katy Perry?

Check out these fab nails that Katy had done!  She certainly thought of a unique way to congratulate the pair with images of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on her acrylic nails.

Katy recently married brit, Russel Brand, and has always expressed her love for England on recent TV appearances, so it was a natural instinct for her to show appreciation to the Royals.  She posted this image through Twitter with a quote saying: “In honour of the Royal Wedding, I present you… My royal NAILS!”

So what’s your view on her creative nails?  Here at Style Clone, we admire individual style and different ways of setting trends.  So who knows, painted faces on nails just might be the new craze for the summer!

Image Source: People Style Watch

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  • mezzamorphis

    I don’t get it, I opened this thinking Katy probably donated money (Duke and Duchesses request) to some great cause that would help children or feed starving animals but fake fingernails of the Royal couple???
    Is she going to rip them off and box and wrap them with a bow on top? Sorry, that’s something Katy did for herself as many bought flags or cups and other merchandise with the Royal couple on them.
    It’s kinda like the old saying ‘if you don’t want people to know how dumb you are, don’t open your mouth’ yeah…it’s like that!
    Just sayin…