Stylish Living Room: Earthy Living Space

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The good old British weather doesn’t always give us a chance to enjoy our summers and often we spend most of time indoors, so if you’re looking to add a touch of green to your living space and capture some of the greenery indoors, then think muted greens and a range of browns and bring mother nature indoors.

Earth tones will work well in the living as they offer a relaxed and intimate atmosphere as well as looking sophisticated and professional at the same time.

Colours Schemes and Accents
To get the earthy look for your living room, think about colours. Although we associated earthy tones with greens and browns, try adding splashes of earthy blues to your living space that will promote calm and peace in your room.

To create an earth tone based colour scheme try and select up to three accent colours such cream, white or beige and match it with the dominant colour for your room. This is usually the easiest option as you are using a blank canvas and just adding a splashes of one colour.

However to get a little bit more sophisticated you could go for more complimentary colours to accent the dominant colour. For example, the room with be decorated in shades of earthy blues and then complimented with coppers and browns.

It is important to complete the look with the right accessories. Use natural decor such as candles, baskets, wreaths, decorative stones, an electric fountain. With your soft furnishing and furniture try to ensure that they are in keeping with the earthy look for example, fabric sofas with wooden legs.

Create the Look!

1. Sofa from Debenhams
2. Pillows from Asda
3. Rug from John Lewis
4. Coffee Table from Argos
5. Candles from Debenhams
6. Plant from John Lewis
7. Plant Pot from John Lewis
8. Stool from Argos
9. Chair from Argos
10. Sideboard from Debenhams
11. Blinds from Tescos

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