Matalan Spring/Summer range reviewed!

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£50 doesn’t often go a long way on the British high street. A pair of Jeans will cost you around £30 to £40 in most shops, leaving you without enough money to buy the rest of your outfit. Well that’s certainly not the case in Matalan, where £50 will go further than you think.

Matalan stores are fast becoming a cheap and cheerful fix for fashion lovers. It may not be as cheap as Primark, but the quality of the items are certainly better, making it the more preferred shopping destination. When I was treated to a £50 Matalan voucher and told I could spend it on whatever I liked, I was off to my local store quicker than you can imagine.

With their new Spring/Summer 2011 range now in stores, there was a lot to choose from. Deciding to head straight to the accessories, I was really surprised and pleased with what I found. In particular, the Tapestry Bowling Bag, which includes a cute floral tapestry pattern on the front and tan trim and lining.

The Multi Charm Skinny Belt was another tan coloured product I picked up. Having been looking for a skinny belt for a while now, this was perfect for wearing with anything and I really love the cute gems and studs on it. Both items are strictly on trend and were well worth their tiny price tags.

The jewellery sections of Matalan draw me to them instantly. On this occasion I picked up two bracelets for just £2.50 each. Red and Blue are not only patriotic but work well with the nautical trend, so these will be great when I wear my other new purchase…

Talking of which, I picked up a Nautical stripe top with a crocheted neckline. Matalan have a great Spring range of Nautical themed items, including dresses, t-shirts and cropped jackets.

Admittedly the crocheted top was a second choice as many of the items weren’t available in my size, but I have grown to love it. Cropped tops are extremely popular at the moment and the neckline gives a little hint of detail without going over the top.

I was pleasantly surprised by Matalan’s great range of dresses. They are even starting to filter some very cute Peter Pan collar dresses into their stores. As I have so many collared tops already, I opted for a simple dress that could be worn with literally anything.

I admit it’s not exactly the best colour for spring but as I have a work experience placement coming up, I wanted something that I would personally feel comfortable in. I think the dress is perfect for wearing with colour pop tights – another huge 2011 trend – and it can be teamed with heels, flats and even sandals.

I was surprised how far my £50 stretched. I managed to bag a cute dress for just over £10, where the same dress in another store would be almost double the price. I even managed to snag a pair of Grey jogging bottoms for my boyfriend who says they are the comfiest things he’s ever worn. So, a big thumbs up go out to Matalan. In my opinion they are certainly raising their fashion stakes and they are not a store to be ignored.

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  • Lucy

    Yup, I think tights and all the new funky styles and designs available in 2011 will be huge! Nice blog -I was searching for 2011 tights!