Fashion vs Style

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You may be thinking and the difference is…..? As this is my first post I thought I would take this opportunity to clear up, what in my eyes, is a great misconception.



People are called fashionable every day. It may seem like a compliment, it may have been intended as a compliment but ultimately I’m not too sure it is one. Being fashionable means that you can achieve the following four steps:

1) Locate your nearest high street; specifically your favourite high street store. For the purpose of this example let us use Topshop.

2) Mentally note everything the mannequin in the window is wearing.

 3) Have the scouring skills of a squirrel and locate all mentally noted items.

 4) Spend £200 on gathered outfit because, well, it’s FASHIONABLE.

Uh uh. At this point a big Family Fortunes wrong answer cross should be flashing up in your mind. I have absolutely nothing against the high street or in fact Topshop. These shops are genius- fashion on a budget; but its how some are mislead by them that gets me.

Don’t get me wrong trends are there to be indulged in, trends are great, trends dictate the fashion market. However, is it really necessary to match your entire group of friends by all simultaneously wearing wet look leggings and gladiator heels on a night out? My problem with being “fashionable” is that it has taken away all the creativity and originality from fashion. Everyone looks the same, everyone dresses the same, hell everyone practically is the same. Being “fashionable” shouts TRY HARD, there is something too forced and unnatural about it.

Kate Moss Launches TopShop At Barneys New York


Style on the other hand, makes you stand out from the crowd but in an effortless, I was born knowing what to wear- I don’t need to be moulded type way.

Style isn’t afraid to indulge in trends but also uses them wisely and appropriately.

Style has not lost its individuality and isn’t afraid to make mistakes.

Style knows what suits itself and sticks to these basic principles but also experiments.

Trends and fashion should definitely be followed but is there any harm in sprinkling in a touch of your own style? As the recently deceased designer legend Yves Saint Laurent famously said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.

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