The Little Black Dress

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There is nothing more iconic than the little black dress, and if you don’t already have one, then I’m pretty sure you’re always on the look out for one. It can be worn to so many different events; nights out, cocktail parties, meals out and so many more. It’s classic and having one will never go out of fashion. You always hear people saying ‘…is the new black!’ but we say no….black, is always, the new black. It’s something we will always have in our cupboard for those fashion emergencies when anything else just wont do. And there are very few celebrities that don’t own at least one…
Megan Fox arrives at the My Space/IGN party celebrating Jennifers Body in San Diego

Brooke hogan arrives at Opium Hard Rock

Megan Fox and Brooke Hogan above love their LBDs and have got it spot on with something simple and stunning. Megan has gone for the more subtle and chic look with killer heels showing off the long lines of the dess and Brooke has gone for the ‘little’ approach clinging to all of her curves, and it’s a style that will never go out of fashion.

Now to get a LBD of your own…The first is a dress from Austin Reed for £120, nice and simple and great to accessorise. The Second is a dress by Herve Leger for £1,073 that contours your body and shows you off in all the right places! And third we have a knit stud waist dress from boohoo, it’s been worn by Liz McClarnon and is only £18


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