Did you know scarves are this season’s must have accessory?..

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Image Source: fashion.telegraph.co.uk

…now all you need to decide is whether to ‘loop, knot or tie’ it round your neck or style it in your hair.

Actress Sienna Miller has recently caught the eye of the Telegraph’s fashion columnist Hannah Betts for her use of a scarf to uniquely style her wardrobe.  Whether it’s striped, polka dot, leopard print or checked, this girl certainly knows how to add variety to the simplest of outfits.

“It should be as easy as teaming a jacket with a great scarf”, the also idolised model and fashion designer once stated to Hannah, whilst the girls got together and discussed the art of dressing, and now look; many ladies out there don’t leave the house without one.

Did you know Audrey Hepburn was a lifelong fan of the use of this accessory?  The British actress is said to have owned as many as up to 14; more than any other item in her wardrobe.  With this collection, she is recognised to have always used her skills to wear scarves with great versatility.

“What she did with them week by week you wouldn’t believe”, Hannah states.

So come on girls, lets continue this easy, handy trend.  You’ll have everyone admiring your own unique, casual and dressy styles in no time.

Image provided by fashion.telegraph.co.uk

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