Do your lips show signs of ‘sexual vitality’?

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Megan fox is well known for her acting talents, but it is undeniable that it is also her looks that draw so much attention to her. Her long glossy locks, her big blue eyes and slender figure are all beautiful attributes, but it is her saucy pout that has attracted male admirers across the globe.

Megan's Sensual Lips

Softlips reader Simon Brown explains how one part of the face can appeal to so many people; ‘Megan has a deep philtrum and pronounced curve to her lips. If Megan leaves her mouth slightly open in non-smiling pictures, the inside of her mouth is revealed, creating a more sensual image.’

So it’s not just about the size of your lips, it’s also about the shape and the curve they have in respect to the shape of your face.

And it’s not just Megan that is renowned for her gorgeous lips, Beyonce Knowles’ mouth also has a story to tell, but this time it is a more intimate story. Beyonce’s pout differs from Megan’s so much as this time the lips are very curvy; ‘suggesting she is a fun loving person who enjoys intimacy and having someone to be close to,’ says Simon. This in turns sends out a highly attractive and sensual message to the other sex.

The shape of a mouth can also help determine other aspects of a persons life. For example take Taylor Swift, she has a very pronounced philtrum and a strong curve to her upper lip, ‘indicating considerable drive combined with a feminine vitality.’ The upturned ends to her mouth also indicate ambition and an active and progressive life.

So what about us ‘mere mortals’? What do your lips tell of you?

Are you ambitious like Taylor? Intimate like Beyonce? Or just an all round sex goddess like Megan? Pout, pout, pout!

Image Source: PoponthePop

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