Christina Aguilera rumoured to sing at Superbowl XLV

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Singing at The SuperBowl is a great honour for those stars who get the chance to take part; especially at half time where millions of people are buzzing from the events of the game and whether in the stands or watching on the telly, all have their eyes on you.

We already heard news that American group the Black Eyed Peas will be the main performance at the annual events half time show, but now there are rumours Christina Aguilera will be joining the bill too; by singing the national anthem.

Taking place on February 6th in North Texas, the Championship game of the National Football League always proves to be a great event for Americans, even more so for the American Football fans out there. 

Being a national holiday for all citizens, the popular game has its highlights of entertainment, some of which are when favourite stars do their bit and give their voice to the sporting world.

Christina is no stranger to having such a great role as leading millions in their ode to America, as back in 2000 she belted out an amazing, memorable performance and now years later, she can only be better right?

Now only weeks away from the event, we all await confirmation of the rumours.  Lets go Christina!

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