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When Heinrich Deichmann opened his shoe shop, Essen-Borbeck, in 1913 at the heart of the Ruhr district, he couldn’t possibly know that he would lay the foundations for Europe’s largest shoe retail company…

Although still a family run business, Deichmann has become Europe’s biggest footwear retailer, with over 50 stores across the UK including a flagship store in Westfield. The stores champion a ‘rack room’ (help yourself) shoe shopping approach, with every style and size on display, ready and waiting to be taken away.

Their aim is to serve Europe with high-quality footwear at affordable prices. Their shoes are perfect for people young and old, for comfort seekers and fashion followers, and we here at Styleclone, love their ranges!

I recently received a lovely pair of Grey Ribbon Lace Brogues which are selling for a very reasonable £12.99.

Brogues have been huge this year; seen on the feet of Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and many many more. For fashionistas with a tom boy twist, brogues look fantastic with cigarette trousers and for those who prefer their outfit a little less masculine, they also look great with a pretty floral dress for a vintage feel.

The Grey Ribbon Lace Brogues are a cute pair of shoes. When shopping online, we always fear that what we’re ordering isn’t going to look like the image on the website when it’s physically in our hands, but thankfully the shoes staring at me from their box are exact replica’s of the online image. Phew!

Grey isn’t usually an enticing colour but these shoes are in a gorgeous, soft, rich grey with a cheeky gingham pattern peeking out at you from the inside edge of the shoe.

Although the ribbon laces are pretty, they probably aren’t too practical for everyday use, but these pair of shoes would look just as good with a pair of simple grey laces, which means you can keep the ribbons for a fancier occasion.

I have never worn a pair of brogues before but have always admired them from afar. Many pairs are a little too manly for my tastes but this pair is perfectly girly and even looks great with a pair of skinny jeans and the most important thing about the shoes is how comfortable they are…perfect for wearing during long shopping trips.

As well as these gorgeous brogues, Deichmann also have a great range of heels, flats and boots available from

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