Toffee Tote – The Ultimate Leather Macbook Case

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I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to find nice and stylish bags for my 13.3″ Macbook that actually last, I’ve run holes in my old bigger ones and everything just rattled around in them. So imagine my surprise when we were sent this gorgeous Toffee Tote. Don’t worry it does also fit most 13 inch laptops as well.

A perfect fit for the Macbook it stays nice and snug inside without having to jam it in or strap it down like luggage, you even get your charger in there too. But be careful not to load up too much stuff as you don’t want to stretch the leather too much. Made from 100% premium pebble-grain leather the lovely ‘new leather bag’ smell is definitely there, I guess I could compare it to how men feel about the way cars smell…

They say “Toffees are designed in Sydney, Australia. We are driven to create the highest quality cases to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of today. Handmade by skilled craftsmen using only premium leather, traditional skills and production techniques are used to create stylish toffee pieces that stand the test of time. Indulge in superior craftsmanship and luxurious style!”

A great feature about this tote is that inside you will find a perfectly sized compartment for you iPhone or iPod touch so you won’t have to search around in your bag for it. You even have a place for your wallet/purse and pens so this could be the only bag you’ll need some days, which to be honest is a godsend. The great thing is that it really is tailored to the size of you Macbook/notepad and even allows you to carry your other important items at the same time.

If you don’t feel your quite ready for the briefcase look then don’t despair, it comes with a long shoulder strap so it can be more of a satchel, made also from of course, the same 100% premium leather. The section for your notebook is thankfully padded, so it can handle going on public transport without being stuck to your chest for protection. The leather also has a good thickness on it so you’d have to work it extremely hard to do any substantial damage, so it’s quite likely to even outlive your laptop!

You can even place the tote on the floor with a sigh of relief as the bottom has another layer of leather with two metal studs for a bit of reinforcement against the ground, helping you keep it beautiful for longer.

Coming in either black or brown they have kept it classic giving you both a professional and casual look as you want to wear them.  The handles are reinforced with another layer of leather in either brown or tan depending on your main colour, with a matching striped down the middle of the body for some detail.  Your case will also come with a 1 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship, so if it doesn’t arrive in perfect shape then you can get it sorted no problem.

So if you’re looking for something to protect one of your most precious items, whilst being stylish and treating yourself to something you can keep forever then this is definitely it. Logging onto the website will also provide you with great care instructions to keep your Toffee Tote in the best condition you can for as long as possible.

If it’s not the right fit you then there are lots of other choices to be had such as the Toffee brief, Toffee slim, Toffee sling, Toffee pocket, Toffee executive and many more. And if you love the rang as much as we do you can also kit other your other gadgets in matching items such as the iPad pocket and Toffee iPhone coming in seriously some sexy colours.

There’ll easily be something you love, all loaded with style, quality and of course that genuine leather smell! Toffee Tote RRP £139.95.

Images from Toffee

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