Kardashians New Cosmetics Range, Kroma is Being Sued

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The Kardashian empire has been going from strength to strength over the past few years, however things might be due to hit a rocky patch as the The Kardashian sisters- Kim, Khloe, Kourtney have had a law suit filed against them for them using under hand tactics to promote their cosmetics line. Read more below…

The Kardashians have launched a cheap range of cosmetics under the name of Khroma Beauty, which will be sold in US high end stores such as CVS, Sears and Ulta. However, this has caused a bit of stir with another cosmetic brand called Chroma, which pitches itself as high end.

The owner, Michael Ray has established his brand, Chroma for over 12 years and fears that the Kardashian’s Khroma Beauty maybe confuse his clients and misguide them into buying this cheap line of cosmetics.

As a result he has filed a legal case against the Kardashians if they fail to drop the name. However, Michael Ray hasn’t just stopped there. He has also drafted a letter to be sent out to his loyal customers not to buy the brand associated with the Kardashians.

Although the, the spellings are slightly different, Michael Ray intends to sue the Kardashians based on trademark infringments, which means that a trademark rights are usually used to prevent others from using the same or a confusingly similar mark. So therefore if the Kardashians can justify that Chroma’s customers will not be confused between Chroma and Khroma, then the Kardashians will continue to go ahead with the launch. With the cosmetics brand due out next month, I wonder what action the Kardashians will take? Will they disregard all the expense they have paid to promote and create the brand, giving into Michael demands or will they go ahead and not bat and eyelid?

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