Tavi Gevinson is the star of New York Fashion Week!

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As the designers and celebrities alike flocked to New York for the long awaited fashion week, it was clear that there was only one star of the week; Tavi Gevinson.

Tavi interviewing Diane Von Furstenberg

The 13 year-old blogger, who has taken the world by storm over recent years with her innovative fashion blogging from her home town of Chicago, stormed into popularity and into fashionistas’ hearts after she appeared on the front cover of POP magazine. Since then she has propelled into the celebrity and style heights and has been a firm fixture on the front rows of all the big catwalk shows of the New York Fashion Week.

It seems that the pint-sized style guru has also been making some fashion statements of her own; Tavi was seen walking down the runway with grey hair wrapped in a bright turban and tie-dye jumper. Her bold choice of outfit didn’t deter Tavi from getting a sneaky interview with Fashion Week icon Diane Von Furstenberg though.

After years of unpaid blogging, Tavi is finally being rewarded for her efforts and has landed a paid writing for POP’s website. To view her entries log on to www.thepop.com

Jealous much? Yes okay, we admit it, but only because when we were her age we were earning our money mowing the lawn and, if we were very lucky, babysitting!

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