Style Trend 2010: Quilted Handbags, Purses, Laptop Bags and Suitcases

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Quilting is the iconic look by Chanel now everyone wants in on it. It is the pattern on items of accessories that is crisscrossed and raised.

And now River Island is finally invested time and money in to the look also! I can show you the best accessories out there on the high street now. If Chanel have been doing it for years quilting isn’t going anywhere fast.

River Island Handbags

River Island has been one of the most daring high street regulars to take on the quilting mixing it with patent fabrics and bright colours and intense chain straps. Below is a river Island must the bright orange brings attention to you and makes people like what they see!

If you are more into playing it safe or just a classic girl then this River Island black patent bag is for you! It’s a different version of the one above as it a different shape. Sticking with the timeless chain straps the bag has the RI (River Island) emblem on the front.

River Island Purses

Bags are not for everyone and neither is patent so River Island has come up with a variation of their purses! My two favourites are similar in style just different in pattern.

The first is a conversion of the classic, it is without the patent styling instead it is leather look with studs keeping the quilting pattern. Classic for someone who wants them original Chanel pattern but not the price tag.

In comparison to this River Island have put their own spin on the classic by Chanel but this time they have created their own pattern. The style for this one is love hearts and shines! A truly girly girl’s pattern!

If you really can’t decide between the two you don’t actually have to! They are both only £14.99 each which is hardly breaks the bank material so for those who want it all they really can have!

River Island – Laptop Cases

Now I don’t do things by halves – I can’t speak for the rest of the audience but when I saw the River Island laptop bag I knew that it was a must have coming my way! At only £29.99 it is a must have for everyone who lives with their laptop. As I haven’t seen an attractive laptop bag but this one I know what’s coming home with me!

River Island Suitcases

Not only do I not do things by halves I also go slightly over board when I like something! But this suitcase for £59.99 with the quilted pattern and being patent I could not let go!

Remember when your next hitting your high street that although patent may not be for you quilting is a must for everyone’s wardrobe!

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