Rihanna’s New Hairstyle: Cute Super Short Cropped Hair

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The style chameleon star has recently been spotted with super short cropped hair, letting her natural tight curls show through.

Oh to have an ounce of Rihanna’s laid-back cool. With that face, that body, and that effortlessly cool style, RiRi can pull of any look she chooses. The painful truth is that most people just couldn’t pull off super short AND natural, but hey, life isn’t fair, and this lady manages it.


It may just be that Rihanna has taken out her weave and let her natural hair do the talking, either way it works. The short style harks back to the Umbrella days, when Rihanna sported an asymmetrical bob which was really short at the back and longer on the sides with a sweeping side fringe. This looked marked the start of Rihanna’s more edgy image, and the moment her career exploded, with Umbrella staying at the number one spot for ten weeks.

2007 MTV Video Music Awards A

Rihanna also had a foray into short hair with this pixie crop in 2012. The short looks works so well with her high cheekbones and oval shaped face. It really showcases her features, especially as the star is fond of bold make-up.

Lady In Red Rihanna Leaves The Studio

When Rihanna had some length to her hair in 2011, she braved a bright red hue with heavy side parting. The colour looked incredible against her skin tone and the brave star pulled it off perfectly.

Rihanna Hits New York After Atlantic City Concert

This style was most similar to her recent hairstyles, plenty of length, wavy with experimental, colourful dye.

Rihanna Greets Her London Fans

Her recent natural look is a big step away from her high maintenance styles, and a step out of her comfort zone. She posted a photo of her new ‘do on Instagram saying: “Still tryna get used to my hurr.” However, the confident star and hair chameleon pulls it off, and in our opinion looks incredible.

What do you think of Rihanna’s new natural hairstyle?

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    Rihanna is probably the most versatile celebrity ever when it comes to hairstyles…