Style Trend 2010: 90s Fashion is Back With A Vengeance!

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We’ve seen the reappearance of 80s shoulder pads and leotards, but we are already moving into the next decade and a 90s fashion revival. Now it is the turn of the bum bag to make its comeback.

‘Fanny-packs’, as the Americans call them, have forever been a hit with the older generations and for travellers who like to keep their possessions close by, but this season Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton have both featured the retro must-have accessories in their collections, making them an instant hit with the young.

Louis Vuitton bum bag £100 from

Bum bags mean the end of struggling with numerous bags on the way to the office, and are ideal for day trips out where they mean you no longer need to clutch your shoulder bag tight to your chest to avoid pickpockets.

To achieve the ultimate 90s laid back chic look, wear your bum bag slung low on your hips over a pair of ‘boyfriend’ jeans. Oversized leather ‘fanny-packs’ are the choice of the designers and create a perfect combination of bohemian mixed with sportswoman.

American Apparel Fanny Pack.

But don’t be fooled that these waist-bags are only for the casual attire, there are several options available to buy that would brighten up any evening outfit and greatly reduce the number of times you drop your money and phone all over the dance floor. American Apparel, ever shocking consumers with their controversial high street fashion, have a great selection of cheap and bright bum bags to propel you straight to the top of this new trend.

Practical and now more fashionable than ever, bum bags are a welcome return to the fashion world, just be sure not to combine with Lycra cycling shorts to avoid looking 80s fitness video fanatic.

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