Chanel Spring 2010 Collection: Temporary Tattoos

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‘Chanel’ and ‘tattoo’ aren’t usually words you would associate with each other, especially not temporary tattoos, which evoke the image of little children rubbing tacky images of hearts and roses onto their arms.

However, Chanel are releasing the beautiful body art, or ‘Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel,’ from their Spring 2010 collection, and of course are nothing like the cheesy rub-on transfers from our childhood! These temporary tattoos are an interesting alternative to jewellery, and feature rosary beads, lace, fairytale birds, chains and of course, the double-C logo. According to Selfridges, where the transfers will be on sale from March 1st,

“Delicate and oh-so-Chanel, these delicate illusions of Chanel’s signature chain bracelets and pearls will beautify just about any part of the body you have on show. We love the garter for the thigh and the necklace over the décolleté. Forget about jewellery, this is the new way to dress up.”

Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel will be available exclusively from Selfridges from the 1st March. A set of 55 transfers will cost £49, and you can put yourself on the waiting list, or get more information by calling the counter on 0207 318 3662.

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  • Raksha

    wow, i forgot about tattoos till now!! and these Chanel tattoos look really pretty, I now know what I’ll be wearing on my next night out, can’t wait till March!

  • Snita

    Woow! Sadly i was a fan of cheesy rub-on tattoos as a child and these look amazing! 55 different tattoos for £49…tempting! Thanks 4 the heads up!

  • Amanda

    They’re gorgeous, I’m not usually a fan of tatoos.. think they look tacky but these are anything from tacky! and good value too! Chanel can do no wrong!

  • meisana

    Can’t wait for March for these! I absolutely love the idea, transferring temporary tattoos from the tacky ones when we were kids to these elegant-looking designs. Fun new accessory, definitely.

  • Sabrina

    Wow they do look pretty, and the article makes them sound so appealing – until I saw the price – that is quite a bit for temporary tatoos where you might not even like half of them. sorry if it sounds cheap!