Want Hair like Sarah Jessica Parker: New Pill Introduced to Straighten/Curl Hair?

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Scientists have found a gene which determines curliness of hair. This could lead to a pill being developed which can straighten curly hair, or even curl straight hair!

Not only that, but the discovery that the trichohyalin gene is responsible for the curliness of a person’s hair can lead to things such as being able to predict whether a baby will be born with curly or straight hair, and may enable detectives to make more accurate efits of their suspects.

The research was carried out by scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR). Professor Nick Martin, who is head of the QIMR Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory and is the author of the research, said,

“Potentially we can now develop new treatments to make hair curlier or straighter, rather than treating the hair directly. That is one angle we will be working on and which I will be discussing with a major cosmetic company in Paris in January. Also, we could certainly predict whether it was more probable that a baby would have curly or straight hair. We plan to keep working on this to improve the prediction.”

While I can’t imagine ever needing to know if my baby was going to have curly or straight hair before it was born, it will be interesting to have a new way of treating our hair, rather than subjecting it to heat torture on a daily basis! Watch this space.

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  • Snita

    As an avid hair straightener in attempt to remove all traces of crazy curly hair, taking a simple pill to solve the issue sounds good! However I agree with you, determining hair type in unborn babies, as with anything else, if def going to far!

  • Amanda

    I want the pill! I use straightners to straighten, curl, wave.. my poor hair never gets a break but would the pill still acheive the shine of straightened hair? Hmm I can see myself switching pills every day and going over it with my straightners!

  • Sacha

    It’s craaazy to think what they can invent these days! I admit I would be a bit skeptical about taking a pill that does this!! bound to have numerous side effects as with everything!

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