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Clothes SoldIt could be said that many of us are guilty of a little bit of hoarding. Whether that means shoes, handbags or more dresses than a person could wear in a single lifetime, we all have a secret stash of things we simply don’t wear but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. We all have stacks of CD’s that since being transferred to laptops have remained unlistened to or DVD’s we’ve just never got around to watching. If you were to calculate the cash value of all those items, you’d be hugely surprised. Just think of those items as little piles of cash and imagine how many more shoes you could buy with that cash. Are you interested yet?

Selling your unwanted items is nothing new but up until recently it’s always seemed like a time consuming venture. In the last few years however it’s become a whole lot easier. Sites like Music Magpie have popped up which gives you a quick and easy way to make instant money without the faff. Many people have been put off of the traditional online auction sites where the process from taking photos of your items to actually posting them can turn into a bit of a hassle, and that’s before you’ve had to pay any sellers fees. Sites like Music Magpie are entirely different. You can sell everything from your unwanted pairs of jeans to that old games console that’s been gathering dust and you don’t even need to go to the post office.

So how does it work. Well all I did was go to the Music Magpie site. The beauty of it is that you simply pop the item you want to sell into the sites search bar where you’ll be given an instant valuation. You then request their freepost packaging, send your stuff off and receive a cheque in the post. It’s really that easy. Even if you’re selling a lot of items, they offer a free courier service which means you could be making cash without even leaving your living room! Selling that old pair of Levi’s that you’ve had forever could make you about £1.50. You’d be right in thinking that doesn’t seem an awful lot, but if you combine that with a few more unwanted items, and the fact that you don’t even have to pay for a stamp those £1.50’s will add up pretty darn quickly. Every little helps after all, and just think, with all that extra space you’ll have created and that extra cash in your pocket, the shopping possibilities are endless!

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