Gwen Stefani’s Wedding Dress Now in a Museum: Where is Yours?

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A wedding dress is an outfit which quite often can only be worn once. Women spend hundreds and even thousands on their dress for their special day but once it is over you’ll find it hidden in your wardrobe gathering dust.

My wedding dress has also seen the same fate as it is safely packed away in my mum’s wardrobe…I just don’t have enough room in mine! I keep hoping that one day I will be able to make use of it…maybe recycle it into a more casual dress or maybe I could take a leaf out of Gwen Stefani’s book as she has just revealed that her one-of-a-kind Christian Dior wedding dress, created by the ex-Dior designer John Galliano is heading to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

She told Elle magazine that ‘it’s a work of art, it needed to be seen’.

With up and coming weddings of Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, do you think they will do the same when they have finished with their dresses? I expect that both dresses will certainly be a work of art in their own right. I would be first one queuing up to get a glimpse in all its glory! Would you do the same?

So StyleCloners, if you’re married, tell us where your wedding dress is hiding or have you recycled or giving it away? Leave us your style tips below…

Image Source: People Style Watch

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