ASOS Ends Primark Collaboration

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Fast fashion retail giants Primark have ended their 12 week long trial retail period on online fashion store ASOS. The high-street chain has become a firm favourite amongst fashion bloggers for its affordable on the pulse fashion but it does not currently have any kind of e-commerce website of its own. The ASOS partnership gave the company an opportunity to reach an online consumer base for the very first time.

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Primark launched it’s ASOS range in June and within a week the range was doubled in size due to high demand. Several of the lines sold out entirely. Within the last twelve months Primark has seen a 22 % increase in sales which could be seen to be partially down to it’s temporary online presence on the ASOS site. It would not have been unreasonable to assume therefore that as a result of this success Primark would be planning their own e-commerce website to enable them to sell online, but as yet, the chain has no plans to do so.
With online shopping becoming an increasingly massive business, why have Primark and ASOS parted ways and why the refusal to sell online? It has been speculated that the costs associated with selling on the ASOS site were far too high. The website boasts a one of the most varied brand listings on the internet and as such there is a lot of competition, it would seem that Primark simply couldn’t compete. As for the brands refusal to sell online, the chain already has stores in most major cities and are planning to open another million sq ft of retail space by the end of the year and as such, will be readily available for many.

However, despite the chains lack of website, it can’t be denied that they have a strong online presence especially amongst the blogging community. Type the words ‘Primark Haul’ into any online search engine and you will be confronted by thousands of results, from YouTube videos to blog posts. Despite the inability to buy online it would seem that this does not deter the fashion conscious amongst us and perhaps Primark have got the right idea by keeping themselves physically off the web while still remaining a household name on the blogosphere.

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