H&M Kids: Watch the Brand New & Adorable Campaign for Girls

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H&M- the clothing brand everyone can’t get enough of. As well as stylish adult clothes, the multi-national store also sells very trendy clothing for the younger generation, including kids. The all-new campaign features some of the new arrivals to watch out for on the shelves. 

Featuring some very cute, energetic and bubbly personalities, the new H&M for Kids campaign is definitely a step in the right direction. For 15 seconds, you get your daily dose of “aww” whilst watching a dance-off with cheery smiles and most importantly, practical and fashionable clothes that children would be proud to wear.

School will start before you know it and to avoid the seasonal wardrobe chaos, why not pick up some reasonably priced clothes for your little one from H&M. If you’re unsure, take a look at some of the new arrivals from their new Autumn range, designed to keep your children warm and looking playful as ever. Hurry though, the new stock seems to be flying off the rails!

5 Must-Haves!

I think this bodywarmer is so cute and is perfect for Autumn. As the weather gets colder, this is an easy throw-on jacket which will keep your little one warm and still girly as ever with the floral print.


Padded Bodywarmer, £7.99

Okay, so I’ll admit I have an almost identical shirt to this from the H&M adult section. Who says kids can’t be as stylish as us? You can’t go wrong with a denim shirt at all. It’ll go well with almost anything and is perfect for a casual day out on the playground.


Denim Shirt, £9.99

A simple black biker jacket for just £19.99… need I say more? For the rock-chic look, team this jacket with jeans and your child will be good to go out with their friends feeling stylish as ever. We all have a staple biker jacket in our wardrobes so why not make sure your child doesn’t miss out too!


Biker Jacket, £19.99

I think this sweatshirt dress looks like the most comfortable dress ever. With the glitter detailing on the top, it makes a change from the usual plain grey jersey.


Sweatshirt Dress, £9.99

This grunge-look top looks like it just came off Cara Delevingne, right? What better way to stand out from the crowd!


Jersey Top, £5.99

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