The Worst Fashion Mistake Ever Revealed: Are You Guilty?

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A recent poll has revealed that wearing socks with sandals is the biggest and worst fashion no-no of all time. 

Although we’ve seen socks and sandals on the runways from the biggest designers out there, A.K.A. Chanel and Christian Dior, apparently socks should never be worn with sandals.

Coming close to the top spot were velor tracksuits, low slung trousers, harems and shell suits but even fans of the socks with sandals trend like David Beckham couldn’t shift it from being the biggest faux pas.

Ed Watson, a spokesman for Debenhams, said: “Socks and sandals are the epitome of British summer style gone wrong. Ouch! So have you been committing this dreaded fashion crime? I think the trend does seem to look better on high-fashion models in magazines rather than high-street goers, unfortunately.

“It might look chic on a catwalk but this isn’t a look that many of us want to see on our local high streets,” Watson added.

So perhaps socks with sandals is a bit too risky but who’s to say sandals can’t continue being chic? In the summer, they’re versatile and make a perfect addition to a maxi skirt, minidress or even with leggings if done correctly.

Although this poll has criticised the trend, I think it’s important to understand that fashion isn’t universal… everybody has their own take on what looks good. That’s why we have the privilege of adoring so many different looks from around the globe!

Fear Not… You Can Still Rock Sandals!

If you still want to rock sandals with confidence, here are some examples of celebrities who have brought some justice to them!

I think Kourtney Kardashian looks very stylish here as she throws on a casual loose white blouse with linen shorts and a tan handbag. For lunch with her boyfriend Scott and their son Mason, I think Kourtney’s silver sandals work well as they’re comfortable and match her outfit. Although the Kardashians love their heels, I like that Kourtney can take a break and relax once in a while.

Kourtney Kardashian Grabs Lunch With Her Family In Malibu

Jessica Alba is pretty much perfection. Even at Coachella, she looks gorgeous in a plain white vest with a cardigan wrapped around her and simple skinny jeans. With a few gold accessories, her black, strappy sandals look great and work well for a festival where practicality is very important!

Coachella Music Festival Day 2

Okay, so who isn’t jealous of Gwen Stefani? At 43 years old, Gwen looks so incredibly youthful. With her trademark blonde hair and red lipstick, she looks ever so fashionable walking her dog in Malibu. Her slouchy white top shows her perfectly toned midriff and with some nude trousers, her gold sandals are the perfect choice. I love that the sandals are quite unusual and unique as they tie up many times and still have a flip-flop effect at the front.

Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To The Beach In Malibu

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  • Becky Worley

    Gwen looks so cooool! I want to look that good in 20 years time!

  • Manita

    I know, she must have some magic genes!