Rihanna at River Island: All-New Autumn Collection With Attitude

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Rihanna has given fans an exclusive glimpse into her new Autumn 2013 River Island collection



River Island’s YouTube channel recently uploaded a video of the mega hit star flaunting her latest designs and ensuring that she has the final say with her team.

When the initial Rihanna for River Island collection came out, there were certainly mixed reviews. Personally, I thought it was pretty weak, with a lack of variation and quality of fabrics as well as a lack of selection for women who were above a size 10, in my opinion. I was definitely wary that Rihanna’s ability to design would be a bit shaky.

Rhianna River Island

After all, she’s known worldwide for her voice and scandalous moves, not her designs. Well, all that has definitely changed. Rihanna is now a huge style icon and clearly has a gigantic following in Britain as well as the US. Her recent revealing ensemble at the Chanel Haute Couture show at Paris Fashion Week paid off and the singer looked stunning so why wouldn’t her fans want to buy her clothes?

A Collection Improved x100

As of now, the Rihanna for River Island collection has seen denim dungarees and tied shorts, gothic lace up boots, many crop tops and lots of basic, simple staple items. This time round, it seems Rihanna is going to check all the boxes.  An autumn collection will put more pressure on the star to explore new styles and new fabrics. From the video, we see a lot of camoflague, bomber jackets, worded sweatshirts and even a leather bra. Very sport-chic. I fell in love with the black bomber jacket with a fur collar- perfect for cold, grey British days.

Ri-Ri Has Fans Going Gaga

The collection, which lands on the 12th of September, will not be the last we see of Rihanna’s designs. The Barbados born and bred star will also release a limited edition collection with just 100 pieces of each design made. Now that will have fans grabbing biker jackets off the rails! A winter collection will also be released later in the year.

Expect the hype to intensify as the release date gets closer and closer. No matter how you felt about her first collection, you can’t deny the attention it received was out of this world, especially with Jourdan Dunn as the face. This time round, it is rumored that her new BFF, Cara Delavigne might be spotted! We’ll have our eyes glued!

Did TV Appearances Help Make This Collection?

Rihanna’s fashion reputation was definitely boosted after appearing multiple times on the Sky Living show, Styled to Rock, being the ultimate judge and decider on which of the contestants’ designs she would wear on tour. Despite lower-than-desired viewings, perhaps Rihanna’s mingling with designer Henry Holland inspired her to branch out and discover an artistic side. What do you think about Rihanna designing for River Island?

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