Cara Delevingne Adds a Mysterious Twist in the New Mulberry Campaign!

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Mulberry unveil their Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign starring model of the moment, Cara Delevingne…

In order to have a successful campaign these days, it seems to me you have to add a sprinkling of Cara, an air of uniqueness and a hint of the brand’s tradition. This is exactly what Mulberry has accomplished with their new, Hitchcock-like Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign. With the numerous (slightly creepy) owls and chic handbags, nobody will be able to skip past it in a magazine without adoring the Willow, the new Primrose and Bayswater handbags. The most striking shot is, without a doubt, Cara looking headfirst into the camera lens, wearing all white and caressing an owl. Here, Mulberry’s elements of glamour, yet simplicity are highlighted as Cara holds the recent Lana Del Rey tote in black- a beautiful contrast to the institutional background.


“The Del Rey bag was inspired by the nostalgic glamour of singer Lana Del Rey and is framed as a modern classic: all practicality, simple refined elegance and timeless, crafted luxury.” Mulberry’s statement would suggest that the brand takes inspiration from current celebrities to shape their products. Perhaps celebrity endorsement from the likes of Lana and Cara attract a younger crowd too.




Other Celebrities Who Love Mulberry

Lana Del Rey and Cara Delevingne are not the only ones who have embraced Mulberry, however. Let’s not forget Alexa Chung’s coveted ‘Alexa’ tote, seen on the arms of Leighton Meester and Reese Witherspoon and Solange Knowles, to name a few.


Mulberry has certainly been a holy grail to the elite, as Kate Middleton loved the brand so much, she chose to carry her Polly Push Lock Satchel whilst touring Canada in 2011. Could the other way be argued? Absolutely. Sitting in the front row of Mulberry’s London Fashion Week show last year: Azealia Banks, Pixie Geldof and Elizabeth Olsen. Mulberry is definitely not constrained to one demographic, it’s loved by all.

With the recent news of Mulberry’s creative director, Emma Hill leaving the company, will there be less celebrities rocking Bayswaters and less mainstream campaigns? After all, Hill brought in stars like Alexa and Lana. We’ll have to wait and see the outcome of Mulberry’s shift in creative direction.

For now, what did you think of Cara’s campaign for Mulberry? Does she make a good face for the brand? Leave your comments down below.

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