What Type of Nespresso Person is George Clooney?

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Christmas is two weeks away and after the Christmas feast during the day, as you settle down on the sofa, sometimes you just need a good strong coffee, after your Mum embarasses you infront of your partner with all your baby pictures or your Dad’s singing to the Christmas Carols. For me coffee has to be a special moment to enjoy and love Nespresso. I am not one of those that like to continue to drink the same blend of coffee every day, but just like a box of chocolates, love variety and that is what Nespresso offers.

Nespresso isn’t any type of coffee. Instead the Nespresso Gran Crus range has been developed by the a team of coffee experts. Each of the 16 Gran Crus have their own distinctively individuals characters and aromatic profiles. So which Nespresso is your favourite? I like my with a hint of citrus so that would make me a Cosi, however have you wondered if you invited George Clooney for coffee (wishful thinking but a girl can dream right?), what his favourite would be? Check out the video below as we reveal how our Hollywood star likes his coffee?

So instead of getting a box of variety chocolates to share with your family, splash out on the Nespresso 16 Gran Crus. Which one do you prefer?

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