Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week Debut. Hit or Miss?

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He’s certainly one of the most talented rappers and Hip Hop artists in the music industry, so fashion fans were pretty surprised when Kanye West expressed a love for fashion and an ambition to take time out from his day job to design an actual collection.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Kanye would be showing his new Spring 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week and as the event has now passed, fashion fans and insiders are currently mulling over their thoughts and opinions on his debut showing.

There seems to be mixed reactions to the Spring 2012 collection, with many believing that he should stick to his day job, while others believe that he could grow into a credible designer.

The show itself took place on the fourth floor of the Lycée Henri IV and was accompanied by black lighting, but the most important accessory to any fashion show is the people sitting on the front row, and Kanye’s show wasn’t short of some big name celebrities. Vogue editor Anna Wintour joined the likes of Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, Jared Leto and Ciara on the prestigious FROW, all showing their support for the rapper turned designer.

The collection itself included some questionable and some pretty wearable pieces, with low necklines, cut out detailing and zips playing an important role. The colour palette was rather muted with lots of whites, blacks and neutral beiges, but there was the odd colour pop in the form of cobalt blue jeans, jumpers and heels.

To the untrained eye many of the pieces, such as the jeans, jumpers and even some of the skirts, do look pretty wearable, but fashion industry people have criticised some of the ‘club wear’ for it’s bandage like and cut out style and they weren’t impressed to see some of the models practically spilling out of the clothing.

Kanye’s good friend and singer, Ciara, spoke to MTV after the show, saying: “It was amazing. The clothes, the feeling in the room, the energy backstage — it really feels special,” she said. “It was definitely one of the most talked-about events [of Paris Fashion Week], because it wasn’t going to be your typical show. This doesn’t happen every day, and to see someone like Kanye, who aspires to succeed in fashion, to get so much respect and cross over like this, it was monumental. It was an historic moment.”

For his first collection, it’s quite the success and it wouldn’t be Kanye if he wasn’t splitting people’s opinions. There were bound to be some that wouldn’t enjoy his offerings and the rapper turned designer probably still has a lot to learn about designing clothing, but this is most certainly not the last we’re going to see or hear of him in the fashion industry.

*Images courtesy of Style.com

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  • Maleeka

    Have to agree with the fashion industry. Kanye debut for Paris Fashion week was a bit of disappointment. He didn’t exactly push the boundaries and sorry to day this but his clothes looked tacky!

  • suzie

    Will everyone give Kanye a break! He’s done well for himself and people need to realise this. Everyone who thinks he should stick to singing should be told where to go! Good luck Kayne on your fashion career!