StylistPick Review: A Look Back and It’s Future!

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I think for a girl when it comes to shoes, there should be no limit.  Unlike clothes they will fit no matter what so shoes and are what I would call are a ‘fashionable investment’.

A few months back we hosted a competition StyleClone to win a years supply of gorgeous shoes from Stylist Pick.  As a result one lucky winner managed to secure 12 months of fabulous StylistPick shoes, whilst the runners up got some amazing discounts off their StylistPick shoes.

Since then the online retailer has grown immensely and the concept has been embraced by many in the fashion retail world not to mention their approx. 50,000 fans on Facebook. Apart from their association with a long list of celebrity stylists, who have worked with Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Danni Minogue, the website offer you a unique online shopping experience.

If you subscribe to the service every month you will received a unique virtual ‘showroom’ handpicked by StylistPicks Style Experts…it almost makes you feel like a celebrity yourself! Also for StylistPick to pick the right style for you, they ask you to fill out a short questionnaire when initially you register to the service so they know what looks you might like.

However, when we wrote about StylistPick a few months back, the service was just offering shoes, however they have now expanded. For those of you that don’t fancy a pair of shoes every month then you might want to opt for a handbag or a piece of jewellery instead, which is now also included in your monthly showroom.

They have recently launched their very own YouTube channel which features, interviews from the celebrity stylists, StylistPick shoots and much more and is starting to attract a large number of viewers.

As their product portfolio expands, I wonder if StylistPick will venture into the world of clothes using this unique online service? They certainly have the celebrity stylist at hand to offer them advice but I wonder whether it would be just as easy to position clothes as it is to shoes and accessories?

StylistPick seem to be a retailer which is setting themselves apart from anyone else. They want you to feel like a celebrity as you are transported to your own unique showroom every month so venturing into the market of clothing is definitely a hard one to adopt with the different styles and fit but it is certainly something that StylistPick can rise to the challenge!

If you fancy signing up to the service or even taking part in their short questionnaire then follow the link here

What do you think of StylistPick? Have you used the service? Please share your experience and opinions? Leave your comments below…

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