Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Replica Made Out of Balloons?!

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Even after four months since the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, people are still talking about Kate’s famous Alexander McQueen wedding dress.  Apart from more recently being compared to Zara Philips, who has recently got married this week, remember all the surge of replica Kate Middleton wedding dresses surfacing after the Royal event in April this year?  Well, take a look at this.  This is a replica of all replicas.  Kate Middleton wedding dress made out of balloons!

This balloon wedding dress has taken 5,000 balloons to make and even includes replica lace sleeves similar to the ones on Kate’s wedding dress.  The bodice of the dress is has hundreds of balloons entwined into each other.

Thelma Levett, is the brains behind this creation and said, ‘I was really inspired when I saw Kate’s wedding dress on television.  I’d made a few balloon dresses before and had even had a go at making a wedding dress, so I thought I would make a replica of Kate’s.’

Although we think this a fabulous piece of art, I wonder how wearable it actually is?  Imagine the embarrassment if one of the balloons decided to pop?

Talented Thelma, has spent almost 15 years of her life blowing up balloon and has even created a large pink Cadillac for a birthday present and driven it round the local town.  It certainly got a few head turnings.

What do you think of this Kate Middleton wedding dress replica?  Think it is a bit mad or fabulous?  Leave your comments below…

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  • http://www.smudgyclown-inflated@yahoo.co.uk Thelma Levett

    Just to set the record straight, I am Thelma Levett, creator of the dress and car featured on this page. I can understand anyone lookikng at the dress and saying “What?!” It does not look like Kate’s dress and I dont claim it does. It was inspired by her dress. I took the front shapt (the A) the folds to the sides and the bow and train. Keepig everything a littl short to make sure it did not pop it we needed to go outdoors it was a real head turner. The photographer loved the reactions of the people we passed in thee street on way to the location of the outdoor shoot and he glimpsed why I get so much pleasure from creating things from balloons, They turn heads and make people smile. Especially when so many people hear the words balloon model and think of sausage dogs and swords. So please just take a look at the dress in the light it was made. Wearable art. Here for a while and then gone. Made to invoke an emotion.

  • Sylvia Paine

    Congratulations – super balloon dress – ideal for wet weather! You must have used a lot of patience doing this – and what fun! Keep going – what about doing the Coronation coach?

  • Saf

    I know! Amazing balloon dress and the idea of a Coronation coach sounds very interesting. Maybe you could propose that you Thelma Levett the extremely talented creator of the dress :-)