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Love Nicky Hilton’s style? So do we! InStyle provided a sneak peak into her master bedroom and it is nothing short of gorgeous. There’s always room for monchrome in the style world and this still applies to your house. We love the clean black/white definition and furniture and we’re here to help you grab some items to inject some Hilton style into your boudoir.

Ok so straight away, paint those walls! Magnolia is out and pure white is in! You really need it crisp to make the black stand out, it will look great if your room gets a lot of light. That’s the easy part, try to make sure it’s a silk finish paint so marks can be wiped off easier.


Right, so the headboard, this is one of the best features of this room. It has an almost dark regal theme about it, but the patent leather just screams luxury! It has to be big, quilted and sexy! Luckily we found an almost identical one from Home Furniture Showroom for $641.  We love this one as it looks so similar, it really has that sexy bedroom feel and the quilting gives it an almost vintage feel.

OK, the patent quilted bench, we did find a match patent black bench to go with the headboad, bonus! This on had the same silver studs on the edge with ties them in with eachother, and of course the black patent finish. This is great for the end of the bed as it really just adds an extra piece to the patent theme to draw attention to making the bed the feature of the room. This bench is great value at $195.75 from Comfort Market.


Everyone needs one really gorgeous chair in their room, and we’ve found a gorgeous white one similar to Nicky’s, the quilting really ties in with the theme on the bed and you could imagine just lounging in it for hours. It’s made from white leather and again has studs in around the edging to tie in the look. This will will look great with all of the other white/black features. Get it in your life now for $313.99 from Overstock.


Ok so in this type of room, you need the floor length curtains, there’s no doubt about it. They need to have a certain weight to them too so they won’t just blow all over the place when you have the windows open. We’ve found this great pair starting from $34.40 depending on the size you need. These lined eyelet curtains come with black tie backs for that real glam look when the sun is up and will set off your monochrome look, but them from Terrys Fabrics now.


So now we’ve set you up with some ideas, go and try out your own monochrome bedroom ideas, not everything will work with everyones style or room, so be creative…but you can’t go wrong with a bit of patent quilting!


Images via Terry Fabrics, Overstock, Comfort Market, InStyle and Home Furniture Showroom.

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