Kim Kardashian’s Style: Spotted Doing Summer Fashion in Black and White

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Black is often associated with a colour which you should only wear in the winter.  As the sun is peeping through, last week I decided a revamp of my wardrobe was in order.  I packed away all my dark clothes and out came some of summer must haves.

Obviously I will be in need of a top up soon, however I spotted Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills treating herself to her regular mani and pedi in a stripy black and white maxi dress.

The stripy maxi dress compliments Kim’s dark locks and it is great to see that you can still get away with wearing black even if we are heading towards the summer look.  The key is to ensure that the look still is gearing on a summer outfit.  The way that Kim has done this is by keeping her dress sleeveless and complimenting it with some black flats.  If you want to add a splash of colour then red footwear is always great to do this and works well with this stripy look.

To accessorise Kim hold a black bag and a complimentary necklace, however just in case you don’t your outfit is summery enough, take a leaf out of Kim’s book and stick some shades on.  This usually helps the summer look.  So if you have any black items in your wardrobe, before you pack them away, think about how these could be used in your summer look.

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