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If you fancy yourself as a bit of designer as well as offering a helping hand to those around the world who are in much need of it, then the Blend the World community is a charity organisation which gives you a chance to blend the two.

Blend the World is all about helping to inspire as well as spread the message of optimism and fearlessness into the hearts of the people who are less fortunate.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Blend the World community isn’t in the same league as Ghandi and Nelson Mandela but in its own right it is helping to portray a very powerful message which is that they are tired of negativity, bigotry, and hate. They are now ready to come together to celebrate a world united by diversity and the things we have in common, not the things that tear us apart.

blendtheworldSo you may ask yourself what has this got to do with fashion? Well, Blend the World are looking for emerging artists to speak up, make a statement, get your voice out there, and send the world YOUR message of tolerance, peace, and hope. The statements with the highest impact, and the most votes, are put on t-shirts and sold in BlendTM stores around the world. A portion of proceeds will go toward these global hotspots to support struggling communities however we can.

If you feel inspired then watch this video below…

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