Georgio Armani praises Kate Middleton’s style

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It seems our future Princess can do no wrong in the fashion stakes recently. She’s been spotted out and about in a number of highly fashionable outfits and high street retailers are clambering to get their hands on replicas of her engagement dresses, but now fashion’s giants such as Georgio Armani have publicly praised Kate Middleton and her sense of style.

The Italian designer recently revealed that he believes Kate is “so discreet and straightforward, but highly aware of fashion trends,” and that he is looking forward to seeing her outfit choices in the future. He also added: “She will have all the time in the world to become fully integrated into her new role and choose the most sophisticated and precious dresses and outfits for official occasions.”

Karl Lagerfeld has also praised Kate’s look, saying: “For the royals, apparently the royal blood is not in demand any longer. Better for the generation to come. She is very different from Princess Diana, and seems a very well-balanced and a happy person. She is chic in a way the position needs.”

We love Kate’s chic and sophisticated look, what do you think?

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