Trend Alert: Belt Purses

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Every fashion lover cringes at the word ‘bum-bag’ as it quickly conjures up nightmares of sweaty tourists strapping nasty neon materials to their waistlines.

However, it was bound to come back around, but thank goodness the fashion world got their hands on them first, as they’ve transformed them from horrendous ‘bum-bags’ to heavenly ‘belt purses.’

2011 has given the ‘bum-bag’ an elegant, fashionable twist. Crafting cute belt purses from gorgeously coloured leathers and attaching them to equally gorgeous belts. These purses can be interchangeable, letting you mix and match for every outfit.

Sometimes, lugging around a hand-bag can be a real nightmare, so these belt purses are perfect if you want to keep your hands free but your money safe. They were huge on the Spring/Summer 2011 catwalks with the likes of Diane von Furstenberg crafting belt purses in many colours and patterns while Jaeger London kept them in simple colours and shapes.

Jaeger London

Diane von Furstenberg

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