Grown-up Glamour – A Bible On How To Age In Style, The Right Way

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Grown-up Glamour – Caroline Cox –

The question we all come to ask, about how to age in fabulous style is finally answered by Caroline Cox.  Following on from her hugely successful, How to be adored, comes her new book, Grown-up glamourhow to age fabulously by the women who got it right. A handbook on how to do it right without ending up looking like you’ve raided your daughters wardrobe and shoved your face into your make up bag.

Straight away you notice the sexy-ness of the actual book itself, sleek and gorgeous in deep blue, with a subtle velvet floral design on top, giving it that almost timelessly vintage feel, classic. It is also is the perfect size, it wouldn’t look out of place on your coffee table but you can also travel with it with ease.

Cox has really got it right, the mood is light, funny, clever and very enlightening. With chapters such as Arm Candy and Killer Heels, Survival Instincts and Affairs of the Heart it will teach you everything you need to know and more. You also get amazing quotes from the style greats such as Jakie O, Helen Mirren and Sharon Stone, along with brilliant and hilarious little tips on the way such as “Don’t ever follow the latest trend, because in a short time you will look ridiculous” and “Never pick winklepicker stilettos in leopard unless you wan to be labelled an HRT posioned ‘cougar’ and that’s always a difficult label to shake off.”

The book is also packed with realistic places to shop, wear to buy the best white shirts, trench coats, patterned bags and where to treat yourself to the key items every woman should own. It teaches you to save for your most wanted pieces, how to wear great imitations and what cuts, shapes and colours to suit every skin tone.

It really does do what it says on the tin, keep it classic, keep it simple and keep it elegant. If you need a little help finding out how to get it to suite you specifically, or to know what hair colour you can pull off and how then this is definitely the book for you. What is really great is that it also tells you what not to do and how not to do it!

Something that is really special is that it is almost reminiscent of learning about life as a teenager, it helps teach you how to wear make-up without looking like a drag queen, dress without looking like you did it in the dark and how to date men old school style like a true lady with some sexy modern twists.

To sum it up this book is pure excellence, it will make you laugh, smile brightly, re-think things and be yourself with more confidence, style knowledge and sex appeal. It is a must read, buy it for yourself, your mum or even a glam gran! This book, just like a pink Chanel suit…will simply never go out of style and definitely not just for Christmas!

RRP £12.99

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