Top 5 Fashion Apps For The iPhone

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If you’re like me then you really can’t live without your iPhone, I use it everywhere and all of the time and like most girls one of the things always on my mind? – clothes! So it makes sense to download some Apps to help me find the fashion I want, when I want, there are some excellent Apps out there to make your fashion experience a whole lot easier.

1. Stylebook

This is truly an amazing App, for the ultimate fashionista who needs to know exactly what they have, when they last wore it and what else they could wear it with. The basic idea is that you photograph all of your clothes, take away the background so you only see your actual garment, then store it in you stylebook. This then enables you to put your items together to create a look, subsection them so you can look through your book for an item than having to fight through your wardrobe.  You can use the calendar to plan when you need to wear already prepared outfits and even check through history to make sure you haven’t worn the same outfits twice! A brilliant App at £2.39


Described as “irresistible luxury women’s fashion at your fingertips”, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Showcasing sections as their magazine, What’s New and allows you to make your own wishlist. It also subsections the ‘What’s New’ section into all, bags, shoes, clothing and accessories so you don’t have to trawl through everything if you are only interested in one aspect. With each item having a detailed description it even allows you to buy them rather than just view as so many do. Free from iTunes.

3. ShopStyle

Looking for a particular type of  item but not sure where you can get your hands on it? ShopStyle it! The best feature of this App is that you can search all of your favourite shops for your item by a keyword. Say you want a purple mock croc bag but not sure which shop you can get one that takes your fancy, just search it and all of the ones in the shops just pop up, so you can take your pic. You can also search by shop or category and even publish your favourite items on Facebook or Twitter, which is handy so you can give some people ideas on Christmas presents for yourself! Free from iTunes.

4. Find Me A Dress

That’s the ultimate question isn’t it? Sometimes you just really need a dress and you don’t have weeks to trawl shops to find the perfect one. So this is where this App steps in. It is Apple’s first Dress Comparison App that lets you search through up to 400 dresses that are updated weekly from your favourite stores including Topshop, Karen Millen, Alexander Wang, Boohoo, Oasis and many more. With six dress categories to choose from you should have no problem in finding the perfect dress to suit. £1.19 from iTunes.

5. Go Try It On

Finally! This great website has finally released an App for you to use a bit more conveniently when out and about and need an instant opinion. The idea is that you take a picture of you wearing an outfit, say what it is and what occasion it’s for, wedding, night out, office etc and others let you know if it’s gorgeous and flattering or if it should honestly go back into the cupboard. A great feature is that you can choose to blur your face out of the picture, so you can get a truly honest and anonymous  opinion.  And let’s be honest, it’s fun to snoop on others outfits and it’s also great for stealing some ideas! Free from iTunes.

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    I wish these sorts of Apps were available for Blackberry aswell!