Raspberry Mulberry Bayswater Bag: My Love for the Berries!

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Raspberry Mulberry Bayswater Handbag - £695

Raspberry Mulberry Bayswater Handbag - £695

As one of the newest additions to StyleClone I thought I would tell you a little about myself first. My name is Nicola Lombardi and like most girls I love nothing more than to trawl around shops looking for bargains and lusting over things I can’t afford.

My main downfall with my shopping is that I’m a bit of a hoarder. Even though I seem to be continuously buying new things, I never throw anything away so my collection just continues to grow and grow.

I currently have one wardrobe and two large suitcases full of clothes as I have no more physical space to keep them.

I have bags of shoes I can’t bring myself to throw away as they each go with a different outfit and a different season, and about 20 separate handbags, which I feel are too precious to part with as one day I may find the perfect outfit for wear them with.

The latest object of my fancy is the limited edition Raspberry Bayswater Mulberry bag made from spazzalato leather and I have never craved a material object as much as I have this.

If you’re willing to part with your cash then this limited edition berry dream will set you back £695! Now, I am all for splashing out but it’s still more than one month’s rent so instead like true shopping style I decided to hit the highstreet to see what replicas I could conjure up to save me from spending all my rent money on the gorgeous Mulberry Bayswater Bag.

The Affordable Dreams

Accessorize - £30.00

Accessorize - £30.00

Dorothy Perkins - £30.00

Dorothy Perkins - £30.00

My favourite is the Dorothy Perkins mock-croc pink patent bag above. I actually saw someone carrying this at the train station and finally managed to track it down after hours of online researching. It’s affordable, has the same eye catching effect as a mulberry and the texture makes it right on trend. It may not be a Mulberry, but it is gorgeous, and you could buy it today!

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