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The sun is out and the weather is hot and I bet most of us were wishing the weather could last until the weekend so you can pack your bucket and spades and head down to the seaside. Now it is likely with that come the weekend the rain will hit us and there goes your plans, however why not bring your own piece of the sea into you home and more specifically your bathroom? Check how you can recreate your very own seaside bathroom using our handy tips below…

Get The Look: Seaside Bathroom

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3. John Lewis Bath Mat £25
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5. Crown Wall Colour £21.98
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Handy Tips

Wall Colours When picking your colours for the seaside inspired bathroom think about sea green, blues and white. Pastels work much better than dark colours as they offer light into a bathroom, which is always a plus point for doing your make up or trimming those nasal hairs!

Floor Colours The key is to go for something light which compliments the whole space of your bathroom. White tiles or white treated wooden flooring look great and will definitely compliment the wall colours of seagreens and light blues.

Furniture Think about the centrepiece or the feature to your seaside bathroom. Usually it is the bath or shower which get the most attention, however to go completely toward the seaside idea, it is best to go for a bath and preferably a freestanding one. If you’re not to keen on coloured baths then go for a white one to offer clean lines.

As well as you centre think about other furniture in your bathroom. Wicker chairs and laundry baskets look great in a seaside inspired bathroom.

Accessories This is the fun part for you to get creative. You can go super seaside inspired with adding shells and anchors or go for the more subtle changes by opting for seaside inspired rugs and blinds. I often prefer bathrooms to be a place for unclutter so I would go for minimal accessories and concentrate more on the colour.

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