New Ben Sherman flagship store for London’s Covent Garden

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Covent Garden, London, will soon the packed with the sound of scooters as Mods from all over the country pull up to the new flagship store for the iconic men’s fashion label, Ben Sherman.


The new store reaches a massive 1500 sq ft in size and can be found on Long Acre within Covent Garden. The store sells everything you can fit a Ben Sherman logo onto, including men’s and women’s clothing, suits and accessories. The store itself is kitted out with Mod memorabilia including boxing bags and guitars and is even laid out to represent a ‘Mod’s Mansion.’


Founded in the 1960s by Arthur Bernard Sugarman, the Ben Sherman look is inspired by the American Oxford-cloth button down shirt. Sugarman decided to reproduce similar designs from his factory in Brighton and they were immediately found popular within the mod crowd and they remain popular today.

The new store is set to rival the one in Carnaby Street, home of the mod, and it is no surprise as the store has everything a mod could ever need.


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