Review: Nokia 6303 Illuvial Pink – For Girls who Love Pink Gadgets!

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nokia illuvialWith Christmas just around the corner, it would seem that Nokia are on the path to woo all the girls who love showing off their mobile phones the same way they brag about their gorgeous designers handbags, by introducing their Nokia Illuvial Collection.

Nokia’s Illuvial Collection, aimed more at the fashion concious ladies on the market, includes 3 sublimely sexy mobile phones – a far cry from their standard and more manish handsets. The collection features the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Illuvial which is a smaller, more compact version of the Nokia 5800 as well as touting a popular touch screen option. The second phone includes the Nokia 6700 which has been given a makeover to make it much more stylish with a black and pink colour scheme as well as including a built in five mega pixel camera and a built in noise cancellation feature so conversations can be heard clearly. And last but not least, the Nokia 6303 Illuvial, which may be the baby of the group but it certainly keeps up with its older siblings in the style department.

Like any style fashionista we were ecstatic when Nokia gave us the opportunity to try out the Nokia 6303 Illuvial and tell you all whether it was worth the splashing the cash this Christmas to get your hands on one or buy it as a gift for that special girl in your life!


The mobile phone world is constantly evolving and it can become extremely confusing when choosing the right mobile phone for you. If you are looking for something that is simple, compact and also easy on the eyes then the Nokia 6303 Illuvial is definitely the right choice for you.

The size of mobile phones get bigger and smaller with every release but Nokia have got it exactly right with this model as it is the perfect size; it is also rounded so it fits perfectly in your hands. The entire phone measures in at 11.9mm, yet it is still very manageable, with a sizeable and easy to see screen.

pixie-lott-promotes-nokia-illuvial-1The phone is a very stylish piece of equipment, perfect for the ladies as it comes in black with hot pink decoration on the buttons as well as an intricate dotted pattern on the back of the handset. To help keep the phone protected you can pop it into the black suede phone holder that comes with the handset. Not only does the holder keep the phone protected but it also keeps it looking glamorous with the black suede, intricate pink pattern and its hot pink inside lining.

The Nokia 6303 is extremely easy to use. Accompanying the menu are some simple icons to tell you exactly where you are going, and you can choose to browse the web, download applications and play games as well as your usual contacts and messaging options. The phone comes with a built in 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, which is great for quick snaps.

Video recording, Radio and an MP3 Player means the phone is great for entertainment purposes and also comes with some shiny earphones. Other great features on the Nokia 6303 include expandable memory, voice memory recordings and seven hours of talk time when you’re feeling particularly chatty.

Style and fun are unusual words to include when reviewing a mobile phone, but the Nokia 6303 is just that, as well as being easy to use for the technophobes among us.

Style Clone Verdict

On Pay as You Go, this handset is available for £79.95 or you can pay £10 per month on contract. Although the phone is the cheapest out of the collection, it is still just as good and if you want a stylish phone for a reasonable price, that also offers what many other phone giants offer, then the Nokia 6303 Illuvial is perfect.

The collection is exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse and is available for purchase now, and with the glamorous Pixie Lott being the face of the collection, they will ultimately sell out, and fast.

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