Kardashian Beauty Range: Will You Buy it?

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The three Kardashian sisters: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, are known for their glamorous hair and beauty styles, so how does this translate in their very own make-up range?

The make-up range, which is aptly called Kardashian Beauty, features a wide range of products and seems the natural next step for the three ladies who already have so many business ventures under their belts. For three ladies who are such advocates of make-up, it’s been a long time coming.



The extensive range offers primer, foundation, bronzer, lip gloss, nail varnish… you name it and it’s there, ready to provide you with the Kardashian, overstated glamour. The fake eyelashes are huge, the lip gloss plumping and the primer even has glitter in it. This isn’t really a range for those who prefer the natural look, but it certainly fits the bill for the Kardashian ladies.

Although this isn’t my usual make-up look, I do like the nail varnish colours, especially the Watermelon and Flesh colours for summer.

watermelon nail

flesh nail

The Kardashian beauty regime is begins with a heavy base of foundation to create the illusion of flawless skin. However, this isn’t the only way the Kardashians cleverly use foundation. Through facial contouring with different shades of foundation, concealers, bronzers and highlighters, the Kardashians are famed for enhancing their actual face shape.

The 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

With a few simple techniques, this can be achieved without the use of a professional make-up artist. The general idea is to highlight the inside of your brow area, down the middle of your nose, under the eyes and the middle of your chin. You then darken the outer edges of your forehead and alongside the sides of the paler strip down your nose to make it look slimmer. You can then accentuate just under the cheekbones towards the edge of your face with bronzer to really give you some definition. Finish off with smoky eye-make and a plumping lip gloss and you have a Kardashian worthy look all of your own.

What do you think of facial contouring: does it accentuate your best features or hide your natural beauty?

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