Kim Kardashian Is Having a Girl: The Old Wives Tales Were Right!

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Kim Kardashian has revealed she is expecting a daughter with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West. The reality TV star made the announcement on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, saying she’s super excited to be having a little “princess”.

As much as we love technology, I know when I was expecting my daughter, we did an old wives tale gender prediction test to determine what the sex of our child could be and surprisingly it was right.  A majority of the test included things like if your carrying high or low or are your craving sweet or savory things and even ask if the father put weight on during the pregnancy (I loved answering that question for my husband).

So if our lovely Kimye took the test do you think these old wives tales would be true. Well, as we don’t know Kim K personally we wouldn’t be able to answer but here are our top 3 old wives tales which might have helped predict Kim Kardashian’s baby’s sex.

1. Bump: High or Low

If you look at some of Kim Kardashian’s recent pictures you can see that her bump is definitely high up, which would mean that she is carrying a…Girl!


2. Girl Takes Away Mother’s Beauty

Most of us can admit that Kim Kardashian is beautiful. Those lovely dark features are certainly very attractive. Since her pregnancy Kim Kardashian has always remained looking good, however one of the theories from the old wives tale is that a woman who is pregnant with a girl, often gets breakouts in spots. If you take a look at a recent picture of Kim your will notice that her forehead is far from blemish free. So for that reason we have to say the old wives predictions were right, she is carrying a Girl!


3. Clothing: Darks or Lights? Pink or Blue?

When I was pregnant I was told that the colours I wore determined what the gender of my baby was. I have to admit that even though Sara was born in the winter months amazing I opted to wear more light and summery outfits. Although, Kim like any pregnant women can’t shy away from the colour black, her recent pregnancy pictures have shown her wearing more feminine and light colours, so it’s a Girl!



So 3 out of 3. Not bad I would say especially as it has been revealed that Kim is expecting a girl. So before you knock the tales, there maybe some element of truth to it? Let us know your thoughts mothers? Do you think there is some truth to the tales or are they just a load of cobblers…

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