Kate Middleton Move Over…The Queen & Princess Diana Rule Fashion!

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Princess DianaRoyal Fashion from the fifties to the nineties will be showcased at Kensington Palace’s first major fashion exhibition entitled Fashion Rules, Elizabeth, Margaret and Diana at Kensington Palace…Read On..

Ever since Kate Middleton got married…actually since her and Prince William were seen together, she has been in the limelight, not only for her Royal stature but also for her fashionable Royal style.

We are all eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Royal baby in a couple of months’ time.  There is no doubt that he or she will be a stylish celebrity child, similar to the likes of Suri Cruise, however we have still a few months to predict what the baby’s first outfit will be or what Kate will be wearing as she steps out of hospital.

However, for now it is time for Kate to take a little breather as this news is not about her, surprisingly!  It is instead about her late mother in law Princess Diana and her great grandmother in law, the Queen.

The QueenI have always been fascinated by the style of the Royals, from every era, whether it be from the fifties right up to the nineties.  It is interesting to see how the Royal adapt to the changing trends of a particular era, keeping in tune with their Royal image and with the style within that period.

Well, now that can all be re-enacted as Kensington Palace will open a major fashion exhibition entitled Fashion Rules, Elizabeth, Margaret and Diana at Kensington Palace.  It will chronologically show how the royal style has evolved from the fifties to the nineties.

The exhibition is will start with the Queen and her attire in the fifties and then looking at Princess Margaret’s style in the sixties and seventies and then focusing on the eighties and nineties with Diana Princess of Wales.  The most interesting for us will be Princess Diana and the amazing impact a Royal had on the fashion landscape, making her become a fashion celebrity in her own right.

Which celebrity Royal is the most stylish of them all! Diana, The Queen, Margaret or Kate?  Let us know below or tell us more on our Facebook page

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  • Lisa Harris

    No doubt in my mind that Diana was the most stylish and did the most to promote British fashion designers. Some of her clothes could be worn even today.

  • Saf

    Agreed! She certainly helped put Britain on the map as being stylish too. I think she is an inspiration to a lot of ladies out there…young and old