Olivia Palermo Snowy Style: Copy Her Look

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You might be sick of hearing the S word, however as it has affected almost all of us in the UK over the past few days I am going to say it…snow! Yes! Groan all you want but I love the snow. Not only am I first to build a snowman in the garden but ready to have a good old snowball fight. As well as this I love walking in the snow. The chilling breeze of fresh air in the atmosphere almost feels like you’re giving your face a good all detox. However, if I am walking in the snow then I need to make sure that my wardrobe is also well equipped with my snow boots, woolley jumpers, hats, gloves and scarves.

Even the celebrities have to face the bitterly cold snowy weather and I love the latest snowy weather look Olivia Palermo is wearing. The American socialite is seen below walking her dog in the snow and looks very stylish in her purple hat, tanned coat, green skinny trousers and knee length black boots. Sunglasses are also a fashion must have to keep the snowflakes at bay. So as we love her look so much we decided that we would clone it! So hey presto…we have copied her look below…

BUY THE LOOK! 1. Coat 2. Trousers 3. Boots 4. Hat 5. Sunglasses

Olivia Palmero Snow Look

Love or Hate her look.  Let us know below or tell us more on our Facebook page here…

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