Fashion Icons Donate their Favourite Shoes to The Small Steps Project

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Fashion icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Vivienne Westwood and Sienna Miller are just a handful of celebrities who are donating their favourite shoes to be auctioned for the Small Steps Project.

The Small Steps Project aims to raise awareness and aid for children working on the world’s biggest landfills. The campaign is currently focusing on providing durable footwear for the children, to prevent injury while working on the landfill sites.

The shoes donated by the celebrities will be put up for auction for the cause and some of the worlds top shoe designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton will also be playing a huge part in the event taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine on October 12th 2011.

The Small Steps Project was launched by former celebrity Journalist Amy Hanson after she visited Cambodia in 2008. “When I went to Cambodia, I witnessed huge landfills filled with our waste and excess packaging where the local children would look for scraps to sell in order to support their families. Ideally we want to raise enough money to get the children away from the rubbish dumps and into schools, but for now we’re focusing on providing durable boots to prevent the children from harming themselves with the shards of glass and sharp objects on the ground,” she told

To find out more about the Small Steps Project visit and for a full list of celebrities who are donating to the cause, visit

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