Top 5 Stylish Holiday Essentials!

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So the holidaying season is upon us! While you know to take sun tan lotion, aloe vera and your best sunglasses, here a few things to get before to make it even more special whether you want to splurge or save they’ll be something to make you holiday that bit more fun and easy.

1. Samsung PL150 Digital Camera

If you’re thinking of getting a new camera then this one is brilliant for everyday use, especially holiday snaps. This pink Samsung PL150 digital camera has one amazing feature in particular, a display on the front so you can see yourself when taking pictures – great for all of those ‘Facebook Photos’.

No longer will you have to struggle taking several of the same images to make sure you all get in the photo or have to trust a stranger abroad to take it for you. It also has an impressive 12.2m p and 5x optical zoom. It does come in black – but come on, the pink one is better right?

All of this for only £99.97 from Tesco, think of the clubcard points too!

2. Hangout Hammock

Going to a beautiful beach and worried you won’t get a sunbed? Or just looking to relax on your holiday? Then you really can’t be without your own hammock!

Perfect for some time in the sun, pair it with a straw hat and your on your way. This one extends to 2.7m and holds up to 120kg.

What is really great is that this Hang-Out Hammock can still be used when you get home in the garden to continue that holiday feeling long after you come home. Buy it from for £5.

3. Model Mirror

Planning a girly holiday and worried about not getting enough face time in front of the mirror? It’s a common problem, usually you’ll only have one or two mirrors in your room when on holiday so it can be difficult to get ready for a night out, so behold, salvation!

This cute Model Mirror is brilliant because it comes with embedded LEDs so you can re-apply when on a night out or just help you feel extra glam in your room. It folds down so you can take it everywhere so it will still be extra useful when your holiday is over, get it in black for £15.99 or in pink,blue or hippy skull for £21.49 from Firebox.

4. Freeloader Pro Charger

Hate having to worry about adapters, plug sockets and if you’re going to be able to charge your gadgets at all? Well you no longer need to worry!

With this Freeloader Pro you can charge all of your favourite gadgets through nothing but pure sunshine, even if it’s not super sunny outside, rays still get through so you’ll still get charged.  From iPhone’s to Blackberry’ and E-Readers to well, anything powered by USB too, you’ll never be caught short. This is a great investment as you can also just use it on the go and your favourite can be fully charged in 3 hours.  Make your holiday simpler for £69.99 from IWOOT.

Birdcage Luggage Tags

Want to fancy up your luggage a bit? While some will want to get new luggage, not everyone can stretch that far when saving for your time away, so why not try a new luggage tab?

Many of use don’t even use them, which is bad people! So sort this out with this funk birdcage luggage tag from Paperchase for only £4.

It’s really cute and may help you spot your case that little bit easier, go online to find a matching passport cover too if you want to be really wild!

So now you have a good idea on how to make your holiday a little bit easier, these are just a few ideas to get you started, gadgets and accessories make everything easier!

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  • Hannah

    Great list! I think luggage tags are essential when travelling, if you customise the look of your bag then you will easily be able to spot it, plus if it gets lost you will have your name and address on display! I think its also important to invest in some good quality luggage that is designed to hold the amount you wish to take abroad, only too many times I have had the zip break on my luggage bag!