Home Design: Top 5 Tips for a Clutter Free Living Room

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A living room should be a calm of tranquillity, however it is also a space for all the family to enjoy.  However with it being a family room it can also become a junkyard of everyone’s things which does not often look great when you have spend endless hours making it look sleek and stylish.  So as the summer is about to hit us, it is time to invest in a few things for your living room to ensure that it remains clutter free…

1.  Invest in a TV Cupboard

In our house we have a total of 4 remote controls, and that doesn’t include our games console pads.  Often most of them don’t get used and remain lying around either on the sofa or coffee table.  I can’t remember the countless number of times I have been asked where they are.  The solution would be to find a designated space to store these and one way would be to invest in a TV cupboard.  Not only can you store your remotes but think about your DVDs and games consoles.  Try and get one with storage drawer which close rather than open ones as open ones often showcase your clutter even more.

We Love…Habitat TV Cupboard £300

2.  Invest in a Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

Coffee Table’s don’t only need to be place to put your cups of tea on.  It can also prove to be a great solution for storage, that’s if you pick the right one.  If you haven’t already got one, consider swapping your coffee table for one with a shelf or drawer.  I would prefer the drawer one as you can again just like your TV cupboard hide  things away out of view.

We Love…Debenham Coffee Table £449

3. Invest in Storage Boxes

Now you will be probably thinking if you want to de-clutter your living space, this will just add more as it is an additional piece of furniture.  Wrong!  Invest in some cool, wooden or wicker style storage boxes that can be also used as a side table next to your sofa.  You can fill it with whatever you want.  I would say if you have kids, this is the best place to store their toys!

We Love….Next Storage Boxes 85

4. Invest in Some Good Shelving

If space is a little tight and often many houses don’t have room for an office, then a place needs to be found to store those important documents, which can still be within easy reach.  Dependant on how much space you have you can either go for free standing shelving which takes up more room, or shelving attached to the walls, which leaves space below for other things.  There are some great creative ways to do this.

We Love…Heals Shelving Unit £795

5.  Invest in a Multi Functional Sofa

With modern living comprising of people having very little space for furniture, often we have to think about practicality and style.  Often sofas can be bulky which isn’t always ideal for space, however  check out this Calypso Chair by Brandon Allen.  This has various functions which include becoming a couch, with or without lap trays, a two sided chair, becomes a fold-away table.  Underneath the sofa you will find a large storage space to store magazines.  This is great space saving idea but I don’t know how well it would fit into the decor of a traditional home although I definitely think it would fit into a modern living apartment.

Source: California Closets

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