Royal Wedding Reception: Kate Middleton, Prince William and the Queen Do the Conga

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You’d think after a week on from the Royal wedding the news would have died down by now.  However, after all was revealed about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and the designer, the news didn’t stop there as copycat and replicas of Kate’s dress and even bridesmaid Pippa Middleton’s dress have gone on sale on the highstreet.  Even Pippa Middleton got her own ‘Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation’ Facebook fan page!  It is amazing how much news one day can bring.

Just like the dresses, it has been rumoured that the Royal wedding reception was just as exciting.  Pictures were revealed of Kate Middleton’s evening dress, along with other Royal and members of the family, however other details remained behind closed door.

One thing which we were interested to see was how did the Royals party? Are they just like us and love a good old knees up and more importantly did they get involved and perform the the good old British wedding tradition of the Conga dance? Well, we are hoping that they are just like us and did just that. So how would it all look if they did. After Prince Harry’s appreciation for Kate’s sister Pippa at the Royal Wedding, we can definitely picture Prince Harry getting close up and personal with Pippa Middleton, much to Chelsea Davy’s despair. Well, check out how The Trainline have decided to depict the Royal Wedding and their very own Conga dance using Royal replicas.

Do you thing the Conga train shown in the video by The Trainline is the right or would you have done this differently? Leave us your comments below and let us know what you think…

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