Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress & Pippa Middleton’s Bridesmaid Dress Copy Available!

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It has been four days since we saw the beautiful Kate Middleton walk down the aisle in her elegant Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton.

A simple, classic gown with intricate detailing was a perfect dress for Kate. However just like her engagement dress, which was replicated by many highstreet retailers, it is no surprise that her wedding dress design has now been copied by many designers in a matter of days.

A New York-based eveningwear company, Faviana has already created a Kate Middleton wedding dress copy which will be ready to ship in 12 weeks. Design Director, Shala Moradi told E! News that her team started creating the pattern for the dress on Friday and then spent all day Saturday and Sunday creating it. The difference with Kate’s original wedding dress and replica is that the train is a lot shorter and also the materials used are different.

Check out the video below for more details:

So if you’re thinking of getting married and want the Kate Middleton’s wedding dress then you can pick one up for a meesly $1,800 compared the thousands Kate paid and for Pippa Middleton’s dress, you’re looking at around $350.

However, Favania isn’t the only wedding dress designer to create replicas of the dress. Over the Atalantic, Mary Rose, produced the first high street version of the dress is now on display outside House of Fraser in Belfast’s Victoria Square.

Her French lace and delicate ivory fabric, was put together in less than 24 hours. Cathy Martin, organiser of Belfast Fashion Week, said Kate’s dress was a “work of art”.

There have certainly been some mixed reactions to the copy-cat dresses however what do you think? Leave your comment below…

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  • jordan

    Although the dress featured here is very close to the real thing for people who wish to be just like her on their wedding day is still hasn’t a tap on the real dress , “that dress” as its now being called was as it says a “work of art” made from the most beautiful of fabrics which is what gave it such an elegant , regal and most importantly “royal” look. She looked absolutely stunning in her McQueen dress and Sarah Burton has done the House of Alexander McQueen very proud although she is very modest about it , just as the dress is which made it perfect for Kate as she is also a very modest and under-stated person as we’ve seen.